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On-Site English Courses 2014/2015

Language School PROGRAM in Poznan offers on-site courses at all levels of advancement and in various age groups – for children, teenagers and adults as well as examination and matura exams.

From the word go classes at PROGRAM are run almost exclusively in English, as this is a tested method of familiarising students with the language. It is also a way of reducing the stress inevitably associated with direct contacts with a foreign language, which in turn helps learners take full advantage of skills already mastered. 

The same objective is behind lessons run by native Britons and Americans, as most of our lessons are shared, i.e. taught alternately by a Polish and a native speaker teacher.

Our classes aim at simultaneous development of all language skills - being able to speak or read in English is as important as vocabulary or grammar. Naturally, all our teachers use the communicative method.

In order to assure best quality of teaching, the whole didactic process at PROGRAM is constantly supervised. Director of studies or her assistant regularly observe lessons of all the teachers and assess the extent to which the syllabus is followed as well as how efficiently classes are run in all groups.

Enrolments - begin September 3rd at the School’s office at Fredry 1 street, phone number: 61 8519250, e-mail: office@angielskiprogram.edu.pl

On-Site English Courses 2014/2015:

  • English for children aged 3-4
  • English for children aged 5-6
  • English for children aged 7-9
  • English for children aged 10-12
  • Courses for junior high and high schools students
  • FCE, CAE, CPE and non-exam courses
  • Cambridge Intensive
  • Courses for Adults
  • Bilingual courses
  • Matura 2013
  • German courses for junior high and high schools students

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